Wednesday, 9 January 2008

ALL Time Kannada Hit Songs 2007

Kannada Hit Songs of 2007

Coming Soon..... Your Lovely kannada Songs of 2007
Let us know your All Time Hit Songs of 2007...

Thanks dont forget to comment about your HITS Songs of 2007.

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Arvind said...

Dear Deepak, Hi Arvind here Thank for all your efforts, I need ur help can I get a song to download from Ekadanta film and song Bandal Badaayi mahadeva

Rachan said...

Can anybody upload the mp3 songs of Ninnade nenapu that had starring of Mayur patel?

vaishnavi said...

hi i want songs from an old kannada movie called Gana yogi gavai panchakshari......its really urgent......can you please send a link where i can download or can you upload it in your blog...

JD said...

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