Monday, 29 September 2008

Nannusire Kannada Songs

Nannusire Kannada Songs

Movie Name: Nannusire
Release Date: 2008
Director: Santosh-Velupriyan
Music: Premji Gangai Amaran
Producer: Ashok M
Starring: Rahul, Keerthi
Nannusire Kannada Songs Tracks:
  1. Sanje Beachinalli - Lyrics : Hrudaya Shiva -Premji Gangai Amaran, Vasundara Das
  2. Nannusire - Lyrics : Hrudaya Shiva - Singers: Naveen, Shweta
  3. Munjaane Suryananne - Lyrics : Kaviraj - Singers : Sujata
  4. Hesarina Melu Preeti - Lyrics : V. Nagendra Prasad - Singers: Rajesh Krishnan, Nanditha
  5. Ninagaagiye - Lyrics : Jayanth Kaikini - Singers: Chitra KS, Sriram
  6. Neenu Nanagaagi - Lyrics : Kaviraj - Singers : Karthik, Srinivas

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